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A woman, daughter, wife, mother and sister with heaps of thoughts and opinions about many things. Most times, I let them drift away. Sometimes, I think aloud. Other times, I capture them in writing in the form of this blog, which I launched in Apr 2015. I write about family, parenting, spirituality and lifestyle topics that interest me, mostly from my dwelling in Australia.

I am effectively bilingual in English and Malay. I also speak, write and read simple Bahasa Indonesia, read simple Arabic and speak some Mandarin and Bosnian phrases. My linguistic diversity is the result of growing up in a dynamic and multi-racial society, embracing a universal religion and being in an intercultural marriage. I have written articles on food, travel and entertainment for a couple of magazines in the past, as a contributing writer. I hold an honours degree in Business and have worked in the banking, tourism, event management and education sectors before. I loved all my jobs but my most favourite was as lecturer in a technical college where I taught business and event management. I especially liked the adrenaline rush that came with nurturing young minds. My then students voted for me and I won a national contest for the coolest teacher, organised by a media broadcasting network in 2009. I was extremely humbled by the experience and I love my former students to death. It was a confirmation of my passion in teaching, as well as a meaningful gift of a lifetime, which I brought with me when I moved from Singapore to Australia the following year to be with my husband, Jay.

Presently, I am a full-time Mummy to our lovely daughter, Cookie. She has taught me a lot in just the three years of being a mother. I discovered many aspects of myself, some of which I never knew existed - warts and all. Occasionally, I dabble in the sales of children's clothing online, which I hope to do more of in time to come.

Moving from being an ambitious, career person to a full-time domestic multi-tasker in a new territory did not come without its joys and challenges. My perspectives changed, my paradigm shifted, my daughter's playgroups became my new social hangout, I engage with my daughter daily doing all sorts of activities, I have 50 shades of grey streaks on my head and gained some weight. You got the drift. Love Pray Grow is where the musings unfold.

I blog under the pseudonym of Mae and use nicknames to protect my family's privacy but we are definitely a real-life family.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, preferably while relaxing with a nice cup of warm beverage. Life is full of surprises. We might just have something in common, who knows? :)



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