Thursday 2 July 2015

Kitchen Improvement Project - JUST GLIDE IT!

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For years now, my pots and pans are pretty much stashed away in the storage cabinet after use. Not in the neatest way, might I add. When the one I want is right at the bottom, you can imagine how I'd have to first move away everything that's on top of it. Did I mention having to bend down on a daily basis for this pots and pans retrieving affair? WAIT, WHAT? You find this familiar too? That makes the two of us. **high 5**

A few weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. I should put a stop to this daily torture in the kitchen. As I was thinking of ideas, my eyes zoomed in on my spice carousel. It's a neat ensemble all right but I've always felt it's an eyesore I must get rid of some day. I could put a nice potted plant to jazz up the corner instead or simply free up the space. There is the Bekv√§m spice rack from Ikea which can be had for a song, I know. The problem is, Ikea is under construction in Canberra as we speak. It is slated to open only in Sept. Should I wait? Patience isn't my strongest suit. 

So, what's a wife to do?

I tossed around some ideas, putting on a look of desperation that emphasised how I would love a more organized pots and pans storage system and a suspended spice rack - PRONTO. My husband fished out his iPad, made some research and headed to the DIY store. He loves exploring home improvement ideas as a hobby, so my dire straits bounced him off the wall.

Fast forward to a few days later.

From this...


... to this!

I was expecting something very simple but I was blown away by this super cool pots and pans organizer. It's so neat and professionally done. My husband is meticulous like that. I AM EPIC ELATED! **happy dance**

We call it Just Glide It.
Lovingly designed, crafted and constructed by my husband from scratch.

Just Glide It - a smart storage solution which every kitchen needs

Made from sustainable prime wood and other materials, Just Glide It is an excellent pots and pans storage system, which is so neat, practical and stylish all at once. No more struggling for a utensil, no more mess. It is easy to fix and use, and even easier to love - a clever cabinet-grade solution that every proud home owner should have.

As for the spice rack, I'm a very happy bunny. 

The spice carousel was fine and innocent but I wanted something SUPER FINE which will also clear up the space in this corner for a decorative item or to put my utensils on when I'm cooking

A suspended rack means I can still have easy access to my spice bottles without them acting like an eyesore and taking up space unnecessarily

My neighbour loves the spice rack so much that he would like one for his kitchen as well. We're the sort of neighbours who look out for each other, so my husband is going to customise one for him as a gift. He was also highly impressed with Just Glide It. "It's sophisticated and very well made!" he said. As soon as his wife confirms her interest, he is going to place an order for one. Awesome possum!

Just Glide It is available for sale in Australia. To purchase or for more information, simply email us at

Just Glide It is proudly Australian owned and made.

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