Monday 18 May 2015

A Few of My Favourite Winter Things

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There are things in life which are beyond our control. Shopping for shoes The weather is one of them. I live in a city Down Under where I wake up to frosty mornings at below freezing point during the cold seasons. There's no ridiculous pile of snow blocking the front entrance, fortunately but it's still a far cry from the year-round equatorial heat I have been accustomed to in my birth country.

Rather than ranting about the harsh cold, I might as well see the glass as half full and make the most of this considerable yet refreshing change.

The rustic smell of burnt firewood which permeates the air, the binging on carb-filled food to justify the need for warmth (the reason why my husband bought me a treadmill) and the long coats that magically transform one from 'nay' to 'yay' in the style department are just some of the reasons to love winter in all its freezing glory.

Here's more.

Tall Boots
Boots are my serious winter obsessions. I have 6 pairs of tall boots and 4 pairs of ankle boots altogether. My latest addition is a(nother) pair of black tall boots, which was a Mother's Day gift of my choice from my husband. It could be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or the mere fact that tall boots are just darn stylish. Either way, I cannot convince you why I need 10 pairs of boots for my... two legs.

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea and Me
I love my daily morning coffee, afternoon green tea and occasionally, a mug of wickedly thick Spanish hot chocolate in between. My favourite is El Grande Jaffa Crunch from San Churro. There is something inexplicable about warming the body with those delightful hot beverages in winter. They tend to leave you feeling all nice and fuzzy like a chummy feline all ready to rest on her royal couch. (Note to the caffeine police: I drink more than 8 glasses of warm water daily regardless of season. So, don't arrest me for fluid offence)

Short Ramadan Fasting
Glory be to God, The Disposer of Affairs, the upcoming Ramadan will be my 5th winter Ramadan after decades of tropical Ramadan which were sometimes challenging. As daylight is shorter in winter, the fasting duration each day is only about 10 hours, ending around 5-ish in the evening. Extremely achievable even for beginners. The tranquil and long nights are perfect for additional spiritual reflection and pursuits beyond the nightly Taraweeh prayers.

Scarves and Beanies
These essential winter accessories are practical, smart and stylish. There are so many ways to rock a scarf. Whether around the neck or on the head, you won't go wrong wearing one. When in doubt, throw in a beanie for an instant winter fashion effect, even when at home.

Layering Fashion
When the sun decides to stick around, the winter temperature can climb up by a few notches and the reverse is true. You don't want to be caught ill-prepared for either situation, so wearing layers is the best and stylish bet. Pile up when you need more, remove when you don't. 

Snow Mountains and Sledding
I don't know of anyone who isn't thrilled with snow mountains. Even if you seem intimidated by the cold, you can't dispute how snow mountains make for an amazing photo backdrop. I have yet to pick up skiing so I'm contented with sledding for now. It's an annual winter fun I look forward to with my family.

Cosy Nights
I wasn't an instant fan of chilly nights.  In order to get a decent sleep, the bedroom must be warmed up with a heater all night long. As a result, my throat got dry, my skin became itchy and my body temperature was left confused. But over time, I got used to it and now, I believe cool wintery nights are what cosy and dreamy sleep is made of. Aaahhhhh.

No Geckos, Spiders and Mozzies
As much as I like animals, pests and geckos are a different league altogether. They come out in full force during summer to annoy (and scare me - the geckos and giant spiders especially) then they retreat to lalaland in the cold seasons. All I can say is, I thank God profusely for this peaceful break.


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    Alhamdulillah ~ Splendid!!
    Thanx sharing your wonderfully written LPGblog & have always enjoyed reading it.. Happy ushering Winter Wönderland in ACT, sweetum Ema ^_^ lötsa 💚 xöx

    1. Thank you so much for your support, SIs!! xx